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Are you frustrated that you don’t rank high in Google and annoyed that your competitors do?

Are you not sure why or what to do about it?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We probably don’t have to tell you

how important ranking well in Google is to your business.  Today, when people are searching for a product or service, they Google it. So, if you don’t rank high in Google, potential customers will go to a competitor that does.

And that really stinks because you have a great business and work hard to make your customers happy. Unfortunately, all that means little to Google.  If your website doesn’t satisfy their algorithms, it won’t rank well and they won’t send you much traffic.

Stop Wondering Why and Start Getting Some Answers

Before you can fix your Google rankings and traffic problems, you have to understand the causes, the reasons why you’re not ranking well and what’s holding you back.

And that’s exactly what our SEO audit will do–explain to you why you’re not ranking well, why your competitors are ranking better than you, and tell you what needs to be done to flip things around.

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Get Insights & Specific Advice From An SEO Expert

Most SEO audits today are done through some automated method. The platform runs through your website and spits out a long PDF report for you to decipher. Well, that doesn’t help you much if you’re not an SEO expert. To be honest, traditional methods of doing SEO audits seem rather cold and impersonal to us and they’ll probably leave you with more questions than answers.

But what if an SEO expert thoroughly analyzed your website personally, analyzed the offsite factors affecting your rankings & traffic, researched and analyzed your competitors to see why they’re outranking you, and then created a custom video for you showing and explaining everything to you in terms you can understand?

An SEO audit done by an actual human–what a concept! And while we use tools to help us with some technical aspects, the primary tools we use are our eyes, brains, experience & expertise. Then to help you see what we see, we’ll summarize and explain everything to you in a nice video.

What specifically will we look at and examine then explain in the video?  Glad you asked…

The Website Analysis

The first thing we check is your website, and there’s a lot to check here. Here are some of the many things on our checklist:

–We check and analyze your title tags, meta description tags, headings and image tags to make sure they exist and are optimized.


–We check for crawl errors, dead-end links and blocked pages.


–We check your robots.txt file to ensure it’s been set up correctly.


–We check your sitemap to see if one exists and if Google has all of your pages indexed.


–We check to make sure that both the www and non-www versions of your site are not getting indexed simultaneously.


–We check the site architecture, hierarchy and pagination.


–We check to see if there’s sufficient content on the home page and other main pages and whether or not your site’s content is thin or duplicated.


–We check it to see if it’s using schema and structured data markup and if so, if the markups are technically correct and do not violate Google’s guidelines in any way.


–We check the speed and loading time of your site and determine what’s causing any delays and poor performance.


–We check it for mobile-friendliness and if it looks and performs correctly on mobile devices.


–We check to make sure it’s not infected with undetected malware.


–We check it for any unknown Google penalties that would be affecting your standing with Google.

By the way, if you don’t quite understand what some or all of these terms mean, don’t worry.  We’ll explain them all to you in the video and do so in a way that you can understand.

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The Offsite Analysis

This part of our SEO audit involves analyzing all of the external factors that have a considerable impact on your rankings and traffic.  Here’s what that includes:

–We check and analyze all of the backlinks pointing to your website’s pages.

–We check for any existing backlinks that might be pointing to old, non-existent pages.

–If you are a local business, we check your existing citations for correctness and completeness.

–We check your Google Maps listing and make sure that your business is listed in the correct categories and not listed in ones it shouldn’t be.

–We check your local and organic rankings to see where things currently stand and where any “low-hanging fruit” opportunities may be.

–We check your website’s Domain Authority and Trust Flow which can help indicate how much trust and authority your website has established overall.

Competitor Analysis

In order to beat your competitors in Google rankings, we must first understand why they’re currently outranking you.  So we dig in and find out what they’re doing, what’s working for them and where opportunities for you are available.  Most of all, by understanding their current online visibility, we can understand what it takes to beat them.

So some of the things we check are:

–We check and analyze your top competitors’ websites and compare their overall content.


–We check and analyze your top competitors’ organic and local rankings to see which terms and keywords they’re ranking for that you can likely rank for, too.


–We analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to determine why they are currently outranking you and where easy or powerful link opportunities might be available.


–We look for strategies and opportunities that your competitors might have missed that you can take advantage of first.


–Finally, we check to see if they’re doing any online advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads.  If they are, we can find out approximately how much they’re spending every month and which sources are generating traffic for them so that if you’d like you can target the same traffic sources.

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And Then We Sum It All Up For You in a Video

After we’ve analyzed everything and gathered all of the data about your SEO issues, now comes the part where we put it all together and create a custom video for you.  One of our SEO experts will throw on a headset and mic and begin recording, going through everything we discovered and explaining what it means and how it all relates to your rankings and traffic.  And don’t worry, we’ll put everything into terms you can understand so that it all makes sense to you.

You’ll be able to watch the video on any device, download it to keep and of course share it with others.

In the end, you’ll know exactly what’s at the root of your Google ranking and traffic issues, why your competitors are ranking higher than you, and what steps can be taken to reverse the trend.

But the best part is the cost: You can get your own SEO audit video created by an SEO expert for only $99.

Order Your Own SEO Audit Video for Only $99

There’s no reason for you to continue struggling and wondering why you’re not ranking high in Google, why your competitors are, and why your website isn’t generating much business for you. Get expert answers and advice by ordering your SEO audit video today.

Step 1: Send us your information through the form below.  Please mention the keywords and search terms you’d like to rank higher for and tell us a little about your overall goals.


Step 2: We’ll review the information you sent and get back in touch with you to make sure that we have everything we need.  We’ll also send you a link to PayPal for your payment.


Step 3: We’ll get to work and let you know when your SEO audit video is ready, which usually takes about 3-5 days from the date of payment.

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